Marbelite Pool Sandton

Marbelite Pool Sandton

If your marbelite pool is looking old, damaged, cracked, tired and worn then its time to invest into a renovation to bring it back to life! Leaving a marbelite pool to age can often lead to long term effects such as damaging leaks, cracks, delamination of the plaster, pitting, as a result of a prolonged application of acid and other chemicals, plus exposure to years of harmful UV.

There are a number of factors that come in to play when marbelite pool restoration is being considered and they will all affect how the project is planned from start to finish. Marbelite plaster gives your pool a smooth, durable, beautiful finish that can last for up to 20 years.

Pool Re-Marbelite Sandton

Once all the Mosaic tiles have been applied and all pool repairs completed, the pool shell is again pressure washed and acid washed. The pool plaster is then applied. Weather conditions are very important at this stage and there should be no potential rainfall and just as importantly the temperature should be sufficient to assist in the curing process. It is our preference when remarbeliting a pool in Sandton to complete the plastering between September and May, in order to prevent any problems that will affect the quality of our work and more importantly the long term health of the pool. There can be no shortcuts. All the return jets and suction fittings are replaced as part of the entire process.

Marbelite Pool Sandton

Pool Marbelite Costs in Sandton

The factors that affect the cost of remarbelite a pool in Sandton are
1. Size of pool, typically the surface area
2. Accessibility of the pool area
3. Other items such as tiles and skimmer box being replaced..?

Pool Marbelite Colours

Our range of marbelite colours allows you to customise your pool based on how you are wanting it to match your overall garden landscaping. If your not sure which is the best option for you,we offer free qoutes and will guide you in the best direction suited to your pool and surroundings. Colours on a computer screen are not notoriously hit and miss so we can certainly arrange for a marbelite colur sample to give you a much clearer picture of the finished look.

If you are looking for Sandton’s highest quality marbelite pool company you can not go past Norris Pool Services. We have been repairing and renovating marbelite pool Sandton for over 10 years with wonderful results for all our clients. .

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