Pool Cleaning Services

Pool Cleaning service Sandton

Pool cleaning service sandton is not something you should simply leave until the beginning of summer. It is important to ensure your pool is properly maintained all year round to maintain healthy water quality and to also maintain your pool equipment. In order to make the process as easy as possible for you, we provide high quality services at an affordable price.

Residential Pool Servicing Sandton

If you are looking for an ongoing pool maintenance service, or simply require help every now and then, we offer some affordable options. Services include: cleaning the pool, testing the water and balancing chemicals ensuring you and your family enjoy healthy clear water.

Rental Property Pool Care in Sandton

Swimming Pools add value to your property, but can be costly money pits if your property is rented out and the tenants don’t take good care of your pool. We work closely with property managers and tenants to ensure your asset remains just that! We provide a handover service that instructs the tenant basic to-do’s and document the handover. Regular pool servicing keeps a close eye on any issues that may arise from faulty Pool equipment or chemical in balance on pool shells. Contact us for further information

pool cleaning services

Pool cleaning service near me

We Come to you..
We take the hard work and worry out of pool and spa ownership. Our technicians will attend depending on your regular requirement and ensure that you can swim all year round. We not only ensure that the quality of the water is healthy to swim in, we also check and make sure that the water is not causing damage to your pool and spa surface and equipment.

Our Regular Pool Cleaning service near me  is for customers who require ongoing pool care, be that Weekly, Fortnightly, every Four or Six weeks. If you require a One Off or Casual Pool Service, please contact us.

Pool Cleaners near me

Whether it’s that once off clean for that special occasion or regular pool maintenance we have an affordable services menu and can also cater a package to suit your (and your pool’s) needs. With our first class service, we aim to leave the pool dust free and sparkling.

Our pool cleaners near me can be as often or as little as you like, however, we do recommend that you regularly service your pool all year round to maintain healthy pool water pH levels and to prolong the life of your equipment. This will also reduce the risk of you growing a green pool.

All of our pool technicians are professional and friendly.We have over 10 years experience in the building, plumbing and pool industries, so we not only understand what your pool servicing needs are but how your pool fits into your backyard and home.

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