Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Covers Sandton

Our solar covers have one primary purpose: to keep your pool water warmer so you can extend your swimming season. They do this by making the very most of the sun’s heat and creating an insulating barrier between the surface of your pool water and the surrounding air. Constructed from tough stabilised resins, our solar covers feature thousands of tiny air pockets all over their surface, creating an appearance reminiscent of bubble wrap. These air pockets serve as excellent insulators, preventing heat from escaping from your swimming pool. At the same time, the air bubbles also promote heat transference, taking the heat from the sun and using it to raise the temperature of the pool water.

Pool Covers Sandton

We offer the full range of Solar and Heat Reduction Pool Covers Sandton, measured and fitted to any shape pool. These can be supplied with a Reel System making it easy to remove and replace the cover over your swimming pool.

Solar / Heat Reduction Pool Covers

We can also supply and fit various types of solar / heat reduction covers depending on your pool and needs.

The goal is to provide the most manageable, easy to use and visually pleasing  cover solution for your pool, with a total emphasis on quality.We are unquestionably Sandton’s Pool Cover Experts and will fit a cover to even the most difficult of pools.

Norris Pool Services provide a full-measure and installation service in Sandton

THE Main Advantages of Installing Pool Covers

Maintain temperature

One of the main reasons people install swimming pool covers is for its ability to maintain and even slightly increase the water’s temperature. If a warm pool is a must-have for you, a pool cover can help to significantly reduce your heating bills.

Reduce water loss

It’s not just leaks or excess splashing that cause a drop in your swimming pool water level. Evaporation is a substantial contributor to water loss and if not controlled, it can lead to damage to your skimmers and pump system. Installing pool covers will reduce the water loss that occurs when the pool isn’t in use.

Minimise chlorine consumption

Pool covers reduce the amount of UV light coming into contact with the water.  This is an important advantage as the pool chemical chlorine is degraded when exposed to UV light. This means you won’t be required to add as much chlorine, which can save you time to refill and money purchasing the chemicals. For those considering a saltwater pool, this will mean the chlorinator system will use less energy.

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