Pool Repair Midrand

Pool Repair Midrand

Pool Repair ,pool cleaning service and pool leak repair Midrand. At Norris Pool Services, we set very high standards for ourselves. Our swimming pool service in Midrand – be it swimming pool repair or cleaning, stands out with its precision, quality and speed.

When you need expert pool repair or diagnosis call Norris Pools Services  regarded among the best pool cleaning companies in Midrand. We repair and replace all brands of pool pumps, motors, filters, pool heaters, heat pumps, timers and controllers, as well as other plumbing, pool, and spa-related equipment. We specialize in providing expert diagnoses and solutions for all pool equipment and related issues in Midrand.

Our pool service repair team can professionally diagnose, estimate, and repair, replace or upgrade your equipment with the solution that makes sense for your particular pool and budget.

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Swimming Pool Repairs Midrand

Having your pool equipment running efficiently is key in maintaining your pool clarity. Norris Pool Services can install and repair pool equipment of any kind to make sure your pool is running the best that it can be and is in the best shape possible. We’ll inspect your entire pool system and install top quality equipment so you don’t have to worry.

We can fix any type of problem you are having with any brand of equipment.

Some of the most common pool problems our technicians handle include:

  • Cloudy or green pool water
  • Pumps not properly circulating water throughout the pool
  • Worn or damaged filters
  • Water leaks or cracks in your pool’s plaster or caulking
  • Loud or noisy parts
  • Replacing broken or damaged ladders, steps, pool lights or railings
  • Balancing a pool’s chemistry

We can also perform seasonal maintenance to help you avoid costly repairs.

How we work

We understand that some pool repairs midrand can’t wait. Give us a call at 074 764 1553 and we’ll get a technician out to your property as soon as possible to determine what is going on and to schedule any needed repairs so that everything will be up and running again.

Midrand residents have been trusting Norris Pool Services with their homes for decades. Our loyal customers tell us that they appreciate that Norris Pool Services sends knowledgeable, friendly technicians to their home that have all the industry licensing and training to handle any type of pool repair Midrand on many makes and models of equipment. We also hear that a selling point of Norris Pool Services  is that we have a very rigorous hiring process that includes background checks and drug testing on all our employees. Our in-house training, in addition to service-specific licensing requirements, ensures that you get consistent, high-quality service, every time. And perhaps most importantly, at Norris Pool Services, we treat your home and property as if it were our own.

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