Pool Repairs Alberton

Pool Repairs Alberton

Pool repairs for leaks, lighting, equipment and tiles
Owning a swimming pool should not be a hassle, and with the Pool repairs Alberton, it no longer will be. Whether it’s pool lighting, tiling repairs, pool leaks or pool equipment repairs, Norris Pools are the professionals that you can rely on. When it comes to all pool repairs Alberton, trust us to get the job done.

Let us get you back on the sun lounger in no time. Most of the time, a full renovation is not needed to re-vamp your swimming pool and keep it sparkling. When repairing your pool, you want a professional team, doing a quality job. Our friendly, swimming pool repairs specialists will listen to your problems and give great advice on how to alleviate your issue. Pool Repairs Alberton provide a wide selection of repairs and will always aim to get your family and friends back enjoying your pool fast.

Do not let a problem with your pool ruin your quality time spent with family and friends. As Pump and Pool People, we know how inconvenient it can be to sort out and fix a swimming pool problem. This could range from fixing a cracked tile to sorting out major plumbing issues.

Pool repairs Alberton

Swimming pool repairs, made simple

We specialise in many forms of swimming pool repairs including:
We specialise in many forms of swimming pool repairs including:
Pool equipment repairs
Skimmer bridge repairs
Skimmer box replacements
Pool lighting replacements
Re-grout coping
Pool plumbing issues
Crack repairs
Rust repairs
Tiling repairs
Pipework drilling
Leak repairs

Listed above are just a few of the repair jobs that we can perform for you, getting you back to enjoying your well-earned leisure time by the pool! Our skilled team will provide you with reliable expertise, using the latest techniques and best technology to guarantee you an impressive finish with whatever pool repairs alberton you have done.

Hassle-free swimming pool repairs at a competitive price

When owning a swimming pool, you want to be able to relax with peace of mind that everything is in working order. Every pool is subject to some sort of leakage, especially over a long period of time, and the key is to catch it fast. A leaking pool can leave you with increased water bills and if not treated may become a much bigger problem.

There are some signs that your pool may be experiencing a leak, these include:
Losing more water than normal evaporation rates for your climate e.g. more than 1cm. Water splashing out during pool use is an obvious reason for loss of water but if it is a continuous problem then you should get it checked.

If you can only run your filter properly by filling your pool every day and you are experiencing high water bills, you are highly likely to have a problem. Call the Pool Repairs Alberton today.

Wet spots around the pool could be a sing that your underground piping has a leak. Always phone the experts when you have a suspicion of this kind of issue, the sooner you act, the less the expense.

When a suspicion of a pool leak comes to mind, do not hesitate to call the Norris Pool Services now! We are pool repair experts and will provide a friendly and professional service at a competitive rate. When your pool has a problem, we will always be on hand to help.

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