Pool Resurfacing Gallo Manor

Pool Resurfacing Gallo Manor

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy Pool Resurfacing Gallo Manor company to meet your needs? Choosing the right Pool Resurfacing company to breathe new life into your pool is an important undertaking. It is a long-term decision that requires a great deal of care and diligence. We at Norris Pools Services value this process. You can rely on our team of qualified technicians to restore your pool using the best techniques and market-leading products. We resurface fibreglass, concrete and vinyl pools.

Vinyl Pool Resurfacing Gallo Manor

Vinyl Pool Resurfacing Gallo Manor, or vinyl pool conversions are often undertaken when vinyl liners experience rips or tears and fading caused by sharp objects, stress from improper installation or wear and tear. To give your pool extra durability and protection, Norris Pools in Gallo Manor can remove the vinyl pool liner and resurface it with a new fibreglass coating.

Why Choose a Vinyl Pool Conversion with Norris Pools Services?

Over time pools can deteriorate due to wear and tear. This results in holes, rips, tears, vinyl fading or sagging of edges. If your pool is experiencing these conditions, then it’s time to call Pool Resurfacing Gallo Manor. Norris Pools Services can convert your vinyl pool to a fibreglass pool and restore its aesthetic appeal with better durability.

Our vinyl pool repair technicians provide the best resurfacing services on both residential and commercial pools throughout Gallo Manor and throughout Gauteng. We offer a complete range of pool repairs and maintenance services, from structural and cosmetic crack repairs to leak detection and fibreglass resurfacing. Our technicians can also replace your filtration system and skimmer box. At Norris Pools Services we pride ourselves in using premium quality materials. Our fibreglass composites are backed by a comprehensive warranty for your convenience.

Pool Resurfacing

Concrete Pools Resurfacing Gallo Manor

Resurfacing, renovating or repairing a concrete pool is a complicated job. With our expertise, reliability, high-quality products and equipment, Pool Resurfacing Gallo Manor can easily complete this within days. We will not only make the pool more aesthetically appealing but also increase its longevity, lessen its chemical usage and give it a smooth, non-porous surface which allows you to spend less time on maintenance. You can enjoy your pool more whilst relaxing with family and friends.

Concrete Pool Resurfacing and Renovations in Gallo Manor

Over time your concrete pool can start to lose its appeal through regular wear-and-tear and weathering. It can deteriorate overtime which causes it to discolour and develop chips, cracks, spalls and stains. Norris Pools concrete to fibreglass conversion system is the most practical, reliable and the best option for any type of concrete pool surface. With years of experience delivering concrete pool renovations we have earned the trust of the residents of Gallo Manor.We will restore your pool to its former glory, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy it for years to come.

As a full-service provider, we can undertake all your pool concrete repair needs before resurfacing, such as skimmer box replacement or repairs, structural and cosmetic crack repairs, and filtration system replacement. Our technicians specialise on both residential and commercial pools and offer concrete Pool Resurfacing services. It may take our company a little longer than other companies to resurface the pool as we do not cut corners and take time-consuming steps to achieve optimum results.

Does your fibreglass pool need resurfacing?

Over time, even well-constructed fibreglass pools can begin to deteriorate and will need immediate repair and treatment. Wear and tear, exposure to weather and chemicals are factors that can cause fibreglass to discolour and fade, weaken or crack. Unfortunately, once water begins to penetrate deeper into the fibreglass structure, the level of decay increases, potentially causing the structure to fail altogether. Your pool may show signs of wear, which includes black spots, bubbles, cracks, chips and worn out gel coats. If you’ve noticed that your pool is beginning to show these signs, we are able to provide you with the most appropriate and practical recommendation.

Fibreglass Pools Resurfacing Gallo Manor

Our fibreglass Pool Resurfacing process will restore your old fibreglass pool. Norris Pools Services re-laminates pool surfaces through adding new layers of fibreglass and gel-coats on top of the old structure which will get rid of all those black spots, bubbles, cracks, chips and worn out gel coats.

No matter how cracked, worn down or unappealing your current fibreglass pool may be, we have the expertise to restore it back to its former glory. When it comes to fibreglass pool restoration, we use advanced products and techniques to deliver fast, high-grade results with minimal disruption to you and your family. We can successfully complete fibreglass pool renovations on pools of all shapes and sizes – just tell us what your concerns are and you can leave the rest to us.

As a local company, we specialise in refurbishing fibreglass pools that Gallo Manor’s residents can be proud of. If you feel that your pool could do a touch-up, we can get the job done with the highest quality and workmanship.

At Norris Pools Services, we are committed to give our clients the highest standard of workmanship and quality service every pool owner deserves so contact us today for a free quote on resurfacing, repairing a pool leak and more.

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