Property Caretaker

Property Caretaker in Johannesburg

Norris Pool Services property caretakers provide upkeep to private and public land. They can be landscape, plant trees, do routine cleanups, and other maintenance tasks, according to the proprietor’s requests. We oversee the daily operations of office parks, housing subdivisions, and apartment buildings. Our property caretaker duties will vary significantly based on employer needs.

Why Choose Us
Excellent Team management skills
-Excellent Client liaison
-Excellent tenant management skills
-Basic property maintenance & contractor management / liaison
– Law enforcement & eviction skills
-Lease agreement management & rent reconciliations
-Security guards / Cleaners management
Available immediately & ability to manage more than one building / property.

Property Caretaker

Property Caretaker Responsibilities:

Responsible for the day-to-day operations on the complex, including supervision of contractors.
Make sure the complex is clean, well maintained and secure
Respond to all incoming requests and complaints promptly and provide feedback to the Trustees
Ensure residents/tenants are well informed of the rules and regulations of the complex
Control and supervision of the handyman, gardener and security guards
Place orders for maintenance & repairs after necessary approval obtained from owners and trustees
Responds to all building safety related safety concerns
Undertakes routine checks on the residential complex
Ensures that all units, public space & outside areas are in good repair by performing various required tasks related to a variety of
trades including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc to ensure a well-maintained complex
Draws up budget, controls expenditure against budget & provides a monthly report of maintenance expenditure
Identify & report the needs for minor/major repairs
Maintains safety records

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