Pool Repair

Pool Repairs Sandton

Our pool repair services can help you fix any leak, valve replacement or pump malfuncture.We can help design and restore old pools to look brand new! When it comes to finding the right interior pool surface for your design.We can help design and restore old pools to look brand new and carry a wide variety of ceramic, glass and natural tile for you to choose from .Our expert pool technicians make it easy to install your new pool equipment

Swimming Pool Repairs Sandton

Don’t wait, if you have a problem with your pool call Norris now.Filters, pumps, heaters, anything!Norris Pools Services have 10 years experience and will fix any swimming pool any Sandton suburb any time! Call 074 764 1553 right now.

Swimming Pool Repairs Sandton have to be done by a qualified and capable technician. When it comes to swimming pool repairs if you don’t do the job properly now it can cost you a fortune when you get someone like Warren to come and fix it up again. Warm Springs specialise in swimming pool equipment repairs such as swimming pool filters, swimming pool pumps, swimming pool heater’s and more.

Warm springs stocks all the best brands and we can order in any swimming pool equipment you need. As we are based in Sandton our swimming pool repairs Sandton can be done quickly and efficiently.Don’t wait, if you are having problems with your swimming pool Sandton don’t hesitate to call us.Our mobile service will get out to your quick smart to fix your pool equipment.

We repair pool pumps, chlorinators, filters, gas heaters, electric heat pumps, solar heaters, control panels, circulator pumps and much more.

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